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A Monarch butterfly is a beautiful, delicate creature.  During its life, the Monarch has a unique and extraordinary view of the world.  The Monarch perceivers a has a much broader color spectrum than the human eye.   

With this ability in mind, we set out to create the world's first AI-based color recommendation system.  The Color Monarch AI analyzes all the colors, ascents, and influences in your space to calculate the "mood" your space is creating.  Next, you select your color focal point. The Color Monarch AI produces a set of color combinations unique to your space.  

The concept of creating good interior design is simple:  
"What looks good together?"  
"What mood am I trying to create?"

In practice, it takes an experienced expert to create that color
combinations that draw out the best in your spaces. Now, with Color Monarch, you are guided to your perfect color combinations.  


Jodie Shen

Jodie is an experienced software engineer and product focused MBA. Her experience spans multiple tech companies on multiple continents. 

Jodie serves as VP Product for Color Monarch. 


Chase Midler

Chase is an experienced software engineering with skills ranging from cyber security, computer visions, and deep neural nets.  

Chase serves as CTO for Color Monarch. 



Sara is the founder and managing partner of Golden Fish Interiors, a full-service Pittsburgh, PA based interior design firm. Sara has many years experience designing exceptional spaces across NYC's high-end residences.

Sara serves as the expert designer-in-residence for Color Monarch. 

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