How to Style Your Home with the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year

How to Decorate with Ultra Violet the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year.png

Every year, the color-obsessed among us wait for Pantone to announce their color of the year. Part social commentary and part style foreshadowing, the chosen shade gives us an established color-language inspiration for the rest of the year. And in 2018, that tone is Ultra Violet, a deep, blue-tinged purple.

In a press statement, Pantone’s executive director described the color as a reflection of how “we are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Ultra Violet … that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level.”

If that doesn’t get you feeling optimistic and creative, we don’t know what will.

Still, purple can be a somewhat daunting color to use in your interior decorating, so let’s look at some different applications of this shade.

Use It as an Accent

If you’re not sure about the color or how to use it, an easy way to start is with accents. Throw pillows, rugs, glass bottles, a piece of art, or even a bouquet of flowers can introduce the color into your space without it becoming the focal point. Baby steps can really bring a space alive and add new dimension to a room with an already established color scheme.

Play Up the Contrast

Adding a pop of contrast with the rest of your house can bring a chic shock of color without the shade taking over the room visually. Consider painting an accent element, such as your baseboards, picture rails, or trim. Painting the front door is always a fun choice if the shade matches with the undertones of your home’s exterior color.

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Sneak in Some Color

If you love the color but it really doesn’t work with your space, put it behind closed doors! Paint the inside of your closet purple, swap in some bathroom baskets, or use a purple fitted sheet. These sneaky applications can up your joy factor without making them an element of the room’s design.  

Add Color to Your Appliances

There’s no reason you have to get silver kitchen appliances. Faberware Crockpots, KitchenAid stand mixers, and Le Creuset mixing bowls all come in Ultra Violet hues. Like the tips above, you can also store these appliances out of sight if you’re scared to make the jump to full-time purple kitchen accents.

Use it in wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in amazing patterns, and you can order almost any color you can think of from online repositories. Find a charming wallpaper and add it to an accent wall or a smaller room for an instant punch of polished visual drama.

Pantone Color of the Year - Ultra Violet.jpeg

Soften It with Other Colors

Ultra Violet is unquestionably a bold shade, so work it into your design by coordinating it with shades in the same color family. Blue-toned neutrals, lilacs, blushes, mauves, and grays work beautifully to harmonize the color with a softer shade range.

From little touches to dramatic statements, good luck adding Ultra Violet into your decorating this year!