A Color Monarch Story: Alexis Repaints Her Bedroom

A Color Monarch Story Alexis Repaints Her Bedroom.png

Every room is unique, and every design has a story. We sat down with Alex to ask her about her experience with using Color Monarch on her home, and what the experience was like for her!

About Alexis

I work full time in a tech startup with my husband, and between our jobs and our three year old, we’re incredibly busy people. We love the home we just bought, but we never really felt like we had the time to sit down and decorate. We got overwhelmed making the decisions when there was so much else we needed to be doing in our free time. 

Why Repaint?

Living in rentals, making a big effort in decorating was never a priority since it was always so temporary. We moved from apartments to a townhouse, and I guess the habit of never fully moving into the space kind of hung around into our new place. We had a wakeup call when some friends came over and asked us if our landlord wouldn’t let us paint! 

I think part of the problem was that the whole house was painted one color, and we didn’t have many paintings or distinctive furniture to add any life. The whole house felt pretty plain. 

Room before

The Space in Question

We definitely wanted to start with the bedroom. It’s a place we wanted color for sure, but it’s also personal and private. The house was built in 1925 and has a lot of its original features, and that’s something we loved about the bedroom in particular. Plus, we figured that as long as we liked the color, it wouldn’t matter if anyone else liked it. 

In a way, having a really neutral color palette made choosing our focal point easy! We have this great red nightstand that we loved, so we decided we’d try and use that as our focal point since everything else is pretty neutral. 

Working with Color Monarch

We tried some room visualizers from big brand names, but they always used stock rooms with really unrealistic lighting conditions. It didn’t help us in our space at all, and obviously you can’t use stock rooms when you’re trying to match a paint color to your specific space and furniture. We’re tech people, so a generic visualization wasn’t really cutting it. 

From there we went to YouTube and tried watching videos about choosing paint colors. A few of those raised the point about choosing a palette from one key object, and it was around then we saw a Facebook Ad for Color Monarch’s tool. 

Color Monarch Visualizer App

So How’d It Go?

We went with a green color! The tool gave us a bunch of color options in the same family, and we got to shop between a palette of colors. It was much easier to start with a suggested family of colors and then narrow in on a specific color that we liked best. We had choices, but it wasn’t overwhelming. The green wasn’t something we would have ever gravitated towards ourselves, but the room turned out gorgeous! It’s playful but not overwhelming. We love the finished space. 

Room after

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