How to Increase Your Home's Value with Paint

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In terms of return on investment, a coat of paint might not seem like it could do much. We hear all the time that resale value depends on the quality of the kitchen or the bathrooms, but in point of fact, paint can have a real difference on what your home could market for. A fresh coat of paint can make rooms look wider, built-ins look newer, and windows look bigger!

So whether you’re looking to get your home sale-ready or you just want to make a good investment on your home improvement efforts, here are some ways you can use paint to add value to your house.

Paint Your Door

A bright door in fun but coordinating color is an easy way to add a little curb appeal to your home. Because the surface area is so small, you can add a ton of visual interest to your house without getting too crazy. If you’re going to use a bright color like a lime green or purple, we suggest working with our Color Monarch tool to get a shade with the right undertones to match the rest of your house. Find out how to use the Color Monarch Project Planner here.

Painted door

Paint an Accent Wall

Lighter colors advance towards you and darker colors recede away, so you can actually make a room feel bigger by using different shades of colors on different walls. That’s part of the reason the Color Monarch tool gives you a range of shades that harmonize; you can paint a darker color on the far wall to make the room feel larger without making a huge design statement. Simple optical illusions can add a lot of height and depth to a room.

Add a painted accent wall to your interior

Paint Your Ceiling

Using the same optical principles above, you can make a room seem larger by painting the ceiling a darker color! We suggest using a color a shade or two darker than the rest of the room. 

Painting the ceilings

Paint Your Cabinets

Are your cabinets dating your space with an out of style material? If they’re otherwise in good shape, a coat of paint can instantly refresh their look without needing to hire a contractor to remodel your whole kitchen. Go for a bold look with a dark neutral, or choose a classic white or dark brown. Color Monarch can help you get a match that will look great with your flooring and countertops.

Though painting cabinets is a lot of work, it’s a great deal cheaper than buying an entirely new setup and having it installed.

Paint the Exterior

This is one of the larger painting projects you can undertake, but a fresh coat of exterior paint can really refresh the way a house looks. In terms of curb appeal, this is probably one of the biggest steps you can take, and you’ll really get a big bang for your buck. Check out Pittsburgh's exterior paints.

If painting the whole house is too much work, consider painting just the trim or the shutters to refresh the exterior without doing the whole house.

Painted exterior of a house

If you need help choosing colors for your next paint product, check out Color Monarch’s system to take the guesswork out of paint color choice!

Start improving your home's value today.