How to Choose a Color Palette


The visual language of a room is one of the most important decisions you get to make when decorating your room. From vivid bright colors that dance with energy, to a more subdued palette that brings calm and harmony, your color choices inform and invoke the mood and feel of a space.

So if you feel a little apprehensive choosing a palette for your room, we understand why!

However, remember that when choosing your colors, you don’t have to start at zero. Basing your color palette off objects or spaces you already like can get you well on your way to designing your own space, and even better, it takes the guesswork out of your process.

Here are a few options you can look to for inspiration on your next project!

An object

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to decide on a color scheme is to look at an object that really speaks to your preferences and the room you’d like to create. It can be something you already own, or you can make a trip to a home décor store specially to search for it, but this object should have a harmonizing palette that you love.

Options include things like plates and textiles, which typically have a few colors that work together and can give you an overall sense of what that scheme would look like on a bigger scale. Blankets, drapes, and bed linens also have great colors that can work for your space, as well as accent pillows and tablecloths.

object as a focal point interior design.jpeg

A non-negotiable

If you’ve got a piece of art, furniture, a rug, or a feature element in the room that you know must be in the finished room, you can choose a color palette that harmonizes with that one non-negotiable thing. This could be something that you just can’t live without, like a sentimental piece of art or an antique that you can’t replace, or a feature of the room that you can’t change, like a stained glass window. Whatever it is, it should be an element that has to end up in the finished product.

If you’re lucky, this object already has a handful of colors that you can draw on to create a color palette, but if you need a little help, online tools can give you some direction of neutral and accent colors to harmonize with your non-negotiable element.

Art as a focal point interior design.jpeg

Other art

Perusing an art gallery is a great way to learn from the masters of color themselves! Painters and photographers have a natural eye for light, color, and shadow that can be a huge asset to you in your designing. Walk around an art gallery, flip through some Pinterest boards, open a magazine or art book, or go digging in your own collection for colors that really inspire you. Then choose a color palette from that work to coordinate with your desired space.

color inspiration for interior design.jpeg

Still need help?

The good news is that tools like our color system can help you take some of the guesswork out of choosing a paint color that matches your space. Give it a try today!

Feeling inspired?